85 - Education

This Chapter has been extracted from the ONS Explanatory Notes and provides a more detailed explanation of possible activities that could fall within the SIC Codes related to the Chapter.

85.1 Pre-primary education

85.10 Pre-primary education

This class includes:
- pre-primary education (education preceding the first level) Pre-primary education is defined as the initial stage of organised instruction designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school-type environment, that is, to provide a bridge between the home and a school-based atmosphere

This class excludes:
- child day-care activities, see 88.91

85.2 Primary education

85.20 Primary education

This class includes primary education: the furnishing of academic courses and associated course work that give students a sound basic education in reading, writing and mathematics and an elementary understanding of other subjects such as history, geography, natural science, social science, art and music.

Such education is generally provided for children, however the provision of literacy programmes within or outside the school system, which are similar in content to programmes in primary education but are intended for those considered too old to enter elementary schools, is also included (i.e. adult literacy programmes).

This class excludes:
- adult education as defined in 85.5
- child day-care activities, including day nurseries for pupils, see 88.91

85.3 Secondary education

This group includes the provision of general secondary and technical and vocational secondary education.

This group excludes:
- adult education as defined in 85.5

85.31 General secondary education

This class includes provision of the type of education that lays the foundation for lifelong learning and human development and is capable of furthering education opportunities. Such units provide programmes that are usually on a more subject-oriented pattern using more specialised teachers, and more often employ several teachers conducting classes in their field of specialisation.

Subject specialisation at this level often begins to have some influence even on the educational experience of those pursuing a general programme. Such programmes are designed to qualify students either for technical and vocational education or for entrance to higher education without any special subject prerequisite.

This class includes:
- lower general secondary education  corresponding more or less to the period of compulsory school attendance
- upper general secondary education giving, in principle, access to higher education

85.32 Technical and vocational secondary education

This class includes provision of education typically emphasising subject matter specialisation and instruction in both theoretical background and practical skills generally associated with present or prospective employment.

The aim of a programme can vary from preparation for a general field of employment to a very specific job.

This class includes:
- technical and vocational education below the level of higher education as defined in 85.4

This class also includes:
- tourist guide instruction
- instruction for chefs, hoteliers and restaurateurs
- cosmetology and barber schools
- computer repair training
- driving schools for occupational drivers e.g. of trucks, buses, coaches, schools for professional pilots

This class excludes:
- technical and vocational higher education, see 85.4
- performing art instruction for recreation, hobby and self-development purposes, see 85.52
- automobile driving schools not intended for occupational drivers, see 85.53
- job training forming part of social work activities without accommodation, see 88.10, 88.99

85.4 Higher education

This group includes the furnishing of post-secondary non-tertiary and academic courses and granting of degrees at baccalaureate, graduate or post-graduate level. The requirement for admission is a diploma at least at upper secondary education level.

This group excludes:
- adult education as defined in 85.5

85.41 Post-secondary non-tertiary education

This class includes provision of post-secondary education, which cannot be considered tertiary education.

For example provision of supplementary post-secondary education to prepare for tertiary education or post-secondary non-tertiary vocational.

85.42 Tertiary education

This class includes:
- first, second and third stages of tertiary education

This class also includes:
- performing arts schools providing tertiary education

85.42/1 First-degree level higher education


This subclass includes:
- education of the type that leads to an award of first degree or equivalent either at University or other institute which provides such study.

This subclass also includes:
- education leading to some professional qualifications
- study leading to a one year Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE)

85.42/2 Post-graduate level higher education


This subclass includes:
- education that leads to a post-graduate degree or equivalent (e.g. Ph.D., MA, M.Sc.) either at University or other institute which provides such study.

85.5 Other education

This group includes general continuing education and continuing vocational education and training for any profession, hobby or self-development purposes.

It excludes educational activities as outlined in groups 85.1-85.4 - i.e. pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education or higher education. It includes camps and schools offering instruction in athletic activities to groups or individuals, foreign language instruction, instruction in the arts, drama or music or other instruction or specialised training, not comparable to the education in groups 85.1 - 85.4.

85.51 Sports and recreation education

This class includes the provision of instruction in athletic activities to groups of individuals, such as by camps and schools.  Overnight and day sports instruction camps are also included. It does not include academic schools, colleges and universities. Instruction may be provided in diverse settings, such as the unit's or client's training facilities, educational institutions or by other means. Instruction provided in this class is formally organised.

This class includes:
- sports instruction (baseball, basketball, cricket, football, etc)
- camps, sports instruction
- gymnastics instruction
- riding instruction, academies or schools
- swimming instruction
- professional sports instructors, teachers, coaches
- martial arts instruction
- card game instruction (such as bridge)
- yoga instruction

This class excludes:
- cultural education, see 85.52

85.52 Cultural education

This class includes provision of instruction in the arts, drama and music. Units giving this type of instructions might be named "schools", "studios", "classes" etc. They provide formally organised instruction, mainly for hobby, recreational or self-development purposes, but such instruction does not lead to a professional diploma, baccalaureate or graduate degree.

This class includes:
- piano teachers and other music instruction
- art instruction
- dance instruction and dance studios
- drama schools (except academic)
- fine arts schools (except academic)
- performing arts schools (except academic)
- photography schools (except commercial)

This class excludes:
- foreign language instruction, see 85.59

85.53 Driving school activities

This class also includes:
- flying, sailing, shipping schools not issuing commercial certificates and permits

This class excludes:
- driving schools for occupational drivers, see 85.32

85.59 Other education n.e.c.

This class includes:
- education that is not definable by level
- academic tutoring
- learning centres offering remedial courses
- professional examination review courses
- language instruction and conversational skills instruction
- computer training
- religious instruction

This class also includes:
- lifeguard training
- survival training
- public speaking training
- speed reading instruction

This class excludes:
- adult literacy programmes see 85.20
- general secondary education, see 85.31
- technical and vocational secondary education, see 85.32
- higher education, see 85.4

85.6 Educational support activities

85.60 Educational support activities

This class includes the provision of non-instructional activities that support educational processes or systems:
- educational consulting
- educational guidance counselling activities
- educational testing evaluation activities
- educational testing activities
- organisation of student exchange programmes

This class excludes:
- research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities, see 72.20


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