16 - Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials

This Chapter has been extracted from the ONS Explanatory Notes and provides a more detailed explanation of possible activities that could fall within the SIC Codes related to the Chapter.

This division includes the manufacture of wooden products, such as timber, plywood, veneers, wooden containers, wooden flooring, wooden trusses, and prefabricated wooden buildings. The production processes include sawing, planing, shaping, laminating, and assembling of wood products starting from logs that are cut into bolts, or timber that may then be cut further, or shaped by lathes or other shaping tools. The timber or other transformed wood shapes may also be subsequently planed or smoothed, and assembled into finished products, such as wooden containers.  With the exception of sawmilling, this division is subdivided mainly based on the specific products manufactured.

This division does not include the manufacture of furniture (31.0), or the installation of wooden fittings and the like (43.32, 43.33, 43.39).

16.1 Sawmilling and planing of wood

16.10 Sawmilling and planing of wood

This class includes:
- sawing, planing and machining of wood
- slicing, peeling or chipping logs
- manufacture of wooden railway sleepers
- manufacture of unassembled wooden flooring
- manufacture of wood wool, wood flour, chips, particles

This class also includes:
- drying of wood
- impregnation or chemical treatment of wood with preservatives or other materials

This class excludes:
- logging and production of wood in the rough, see 02.20
- manufacture of veneer sheets thin enough for use in plywood, boards and panels, see 16.21
- manufacture of shingles and shakes, beadings and mouldings, see 16.23
- manufacture of fire logs or pressed wood, see 16.29

16.2 Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials 

This group includes the manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw or plaiting materials, including basic shapes as well as assembled products.

16.21 Manufacture of veneer sheets and wood-based panels 

This class includes:
- manufacture of veneer sheets thin enough to be used for veneering, making plywood or other purposes:
• smoothed, dyed, coated, impregnated, reinforced (with paper or fabric backing)
• made in the form of motifs
- manufacture of plywood, veneer panels and similar laminated wood boards and sheets
- manufacture of oriented strand board (OSB) and other particle board
- manufacture of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and other fibreboard
- manufacture of densified wood
- manufacture of glue laminated wood, laminated veneer wood

16.22 Manufacture of assembled parquet floors

This class includes:
- manufacture of wooden parquet floor blocks, strips etc., assembled into panels

This class excludes:
- manufacture of unassembled wooden floors, see 16.10

16.23 Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery

This class includes:
- manufacture of wooden goods intended to be used primarily in the construction industry:
• beams, rafters, roof struts
• glue-laminated and metal connected, prefabricated wooden roof trusses
• doors, windows, shutters and their frames, whether or not containing metal fittings, such as hinges, locks etc.
• stairs, railings
• wooden beadings and mouldings, shingles and shakes
- manufacture of prefabricated buildings, or elements thereof, predominantly of wood, e.g. saunas
- manufacture of mobile homes
- manufacture of wood partitions (except free standing)

This class excludes:
- manufacture of kitchen cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes etc., see 31.01, 31.02, 31.09
- manufacture of wood partitions, free standing, see 31.01, 31.02, 31.09

16.24 Manufacture of wooden containers 

This class includes:
- manufacture of packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings of wood
- manufacture of pallets, box pallets and other load boards of wood
- manufacture of barrels, vats, tubs and other coopers' products of wood
- manufacture of wooden cable-drums

This class excludes:
- manufacture of luggage, see 15.12
- manufacture of cases of plaiting material, see 16.29

16.29 Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting

This class includes:
- manufacture of various wooden products:
• wooden handles and bodies for tools, brooms, brushes
• wooden boot or shoe lasts and trees, clothes hangers
• household utensils and kitchenware of wood
• wooden statuettes and ornaments, wood marquetry, inlaid wood
• wooden cases for jewellery, cutlery and similar articles
• wooden spools, cops, bobbins, sewing thread reels and similar articles of turned wood
• other articles of wood
- natural cork processing, manufacture of agglomerated cork
- manufacture of articles of natural or agglomerated cork, including floor coverings
- manufacture of plaits and products of plaiting materials: mats, matting, screens, cases etc.
- manufacture of basket-ware and wickerwork
- manufacture of fire logs and pellets for energy, made of pressed wood or substitute materials like coffee
or soybean grounds
- manufacture of wooden mirror and picture frames
- manufacture of frames for artists' canvases
- manufacture of wooden shoe parts (e.g. heels and lasts)
- manufacture of handles for umbrellas, canes and similar
- manufacture of blocks for the manufacture of smoking pipes

This class excludes:
- manufacture of mats or matting of textile materials, see 13.92
- manufacture of luggage, see 15.12
- manufacture of wooden footwear, see 15.20
- manufacture of matches, see 20.51
- manufacture of clock cases, see 26.52
- manufacture of wooden spools and bobbins that are part of textile machinery, see 28.94
- manufacture of furniture, see 31.0
- manufacture of wooden toys, see 32.40
- manufacture of brushes and brooms, see 32.91
- manufacture of coffins, see 32.99
- manufacture of cork life preservers, see 32.99


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