39 - Remediation activities and other waste management services.

This Chapter has been extracted from the ONS Explanatory Notes and provides a more detailed explanation of possible activities that could fall within the SIC Codes related to the Chapter.

This division includes the provision of remediation services, i.e. the cleanup of contaminated buildings
and sites, soil, surface or ground water.

39.0 Remediation activities and other waste management services

39.00 Remediation activities and other waste management services

This class includes:
- decontamination of soils and groundwater at the place of pollution, either in situ or ex situ, using e.g.
mechanical, chemical or biological methods
- decontamination of industrial plants or sites, including nuclear plants and sites
- decontamination and cleaning up of surface water following accidental pollution, e.g. through collection
of pollutants or through application of chemicals
- cleaning up oil spills and other pollutions on land, in surface water, in ocean and seas, including coastal
- asbestos, lead paint, and other toxic material abatement
- other specialised pollution-control activities

This class excludes:
- pest control in agriculture, see 01.61
- purification of water for water supply purposes, see 36.00
- treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste, see 38.21
- treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, see 38.22
- outdoor sweeping and watering of streets etc., see 81.29


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